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Michael Graham was entering his seventh decade of life, and he was restless. After a career spent traveling the globe, he needed a new adventure to affirm his continued vitality. But what could possibly pose a challenge to a man who'd seen and done it all?

Graham found his challenge in Sào Paulo, Brazil, where he opened an Asian restaurant. While he had been to Sào Paulo before, he knew little of the city and its people. And there was an even bigger obstacle: Graham spoke not one word of Portuguese.

After moving, he found himself in a bureaucratic tangle as he dealt with unreliable banks and strange customs. He wondered if this project was just a way to combat his fear of aging or just impulsiveness. Yet even as his dream became a nightmare, it held the promise of the fulfillment he'd been longing for.

"Graham cooks up an unlikely, laugh-out-loud funny, fish-out-of-water story in a Bill Bryson and Peter Mayle tradition. The writing is always laconic and self-deprecating and some of his escapages beggar belief. Lurking underneath is something more poignant: an everyman story about our eternal search for meaning, fulfilment - oh, yes, and love." - Gary Jenkins Author of 30 books including international, #1 best-selling book and movie called a Street Cat Named B

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I was born in London, England, and with successive moves traveled to Belgium, Italy, Brazil, Miami, Washington, DC, New York, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, São Paulo, Brazil, and back to Salt Lake City. And those were just not visits—they were actual moves to places that I lived and experienced. My father was in the airline business, and so my stories revolved around the love of travel and adventure that he imparted to me.

I have traveled full circle now since the beginning of this book and am back once again in Salt Lake City, Utah. I live here with my beautiful eye-surgeon wife as my grown children live on both coasts, but I now do have three daughters living with us—Sanders, Anna, and Mimi. All three rescue cats and all demanding in their unique and furry way. Now, as I pass a restaurant and reconsider the idea of trying the business again, Lucia kindly dashes that dumb idea by reminding me how many attorneys she knows.

Michael N Graham

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Boss Nova is a tale of epic proportions, and inexpensively priced so that it is a fun and uplifting read worth every penny---so what are you waiting for?