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Motives for Malace

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England 1938

Britain-and the world-stand anxiously on the brink of war, but Annie Cole, one of London’s most beautiful mannequins, is facing a more immediate and terrifying threat.  A mysterious slasher has just disfigured the face and ruined the career of another beautiful top fashion model. But that is the least of Annie Cole’s problems. 

Set in the glamorous yet little-known world of the mannequins (todays models) who model high end fashions in front of wealthy customers, Motives for Malice is a fast-paced thriller populated with a colorful cast of characters. Whether it is London’s snob members of the clandestine Fifth Column who admire Hitler, the Chief Inspector from the Metropolitan Police hot on their trail, a Nazi spy turned lover of one of Annie’s best friends, the MI5, or the slasher himself out for revenge, Annie and her two best mates must use their pluck, wit, and knockout looks to avoid the noose slowly tightening around their necks. 

In the meantime, the real question is: just how innocent are they?

Their adventures move from fashion shows, to parties, to disappointing dates and then into the darkening real world beyond the runways, champagne, and drooling admirers—first by the mysterious slashing of the beautiful young mannequin and then by a terrifying stalker who threatens more violence. The story packs joy, love, betrayal, friendship, obsession, tragedy, and everything in between, as well as three hugely memorable characters.

Motives for Malice is a cozy historical mystery updated for a modern audience. With a likeable female protagonist at its heart, the 95,000 word who-done-it should have strong appeal among women who enjoy British mysteries with strong female characters.

This book is completed, and a finished manuscript is available for review. The second in the series is under draft at this moment and depending upon acceptance, the idea is to make a trilogy to continue Annie’s story.

Meet the Author

Michael N. Graham is the author of two novels, Boss Nova Oddysey and Motive for Malice. Michael has traveled and lived all over the world, and now resides in Salt Lake City, Utah with his wife and their three rescue cats.

Michael N. Graham, Author of Boss Nova Odyssey